Magic Maze Game

This is one of the best online game.

The Magic Maze is real-time game designed by first-time designer Kasper Lapp where players take control of down-on-their-luck heroes to navigate a confusing shopping mall. I love the game gui and colors.

After losing all of their powerful weapons in the last adventure, they are forced to rob the stores in order to continue their quest and survivel. To minimize suspicion from mall security, they have to commit the heist all at once and run away before time runs out.

At bigning of the game, players are given specific actions to perform in which no other players have access. They can control any of the heroes at any time, but their actions are very limited. Moreover, communication is restricted to a “Pay Attention!” token.

Players have to rely on each other in order to explore the mall, use escalators, or access special spaces. In this game, there are no “turns” – all game play is simultaneous and players should act whenever they notice that one of their actions may be useful.

There is an hourglass timer of 3 minutes to start, but it can extended if players are able to reach hourglass spaces in time. If the timer ever completely runs out, all players lose – mall security has caught them red-handed!

I also like to recomande you my faverite scary maze game prank which you like to play and make fun with your friends and family.

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